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Dear Geraud customer,

The world’s turned upside down for a moment!
We are all very touched by the current state of the Coronavirus.
Given the latest measures taken by the government, we have decided to put your health and that of our team first. With pain in our hearts we are forced to close the salon from today until 6/04.
Although there should be one customer in the salon each time, we fear that we can’t even avoid the spread of COVID-19 because of the physical contact, because this is unavoidable in our beautiful profession and the very thing that transmits the virus.
This measure would also mean that we would have to rely on just a handful of clients a day and a lot of disappointed clients that we would have to refuse.

We take our responsibility to protect you, our team, but certainly also the most vulnerable part of the population against the coronavirus. This is a far-reaching decision, but we firmly believe that together we can make a difference.
On our website and social media we will keep you informed of further developments.
Be safe and spread the love… Not the virus
hopefully we’ll see each other again in a couple of weeks.
Lots of love,
Geraud Team,

Serge, Bettina, Robine, Gwenn, Wouter, Erika, Elke, Shirley,Ann, Joelle, Lisa, Sandra



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 In the warm setting of their mansion they know how to emphasise on the most beautiful part of yourself. With their advice on your Hair, Haircoloring and styling they wil take your personality into account.


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