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About Us

About Us

We Are Geraud

We shape, style and tell stories with hair,
We believe our work is best done
when it is done with passion
and with perfection.

We always strive to do something different,
something better,
something new…

Where fashion, Lifestyle and beauty
all come together


Because our hair is a matter that deserves the biggest care, L’Atelier Geraud has chosen for Shu Uemura with its unique flower extracts and inspired by The Japanese Rituals.

The Magical of this unusual adress is the reception, personal touch and the global approach to the customers. The Customer isn’t a meaningless number here. Here you aren’t an anonymous face where the latest cut or trendy colour is pasted on.

Everything gets aligned based on you, on your personality, your morphology and your wishes.

L’Atelier Geraud is situated in a beautiful mansion near the Meir and has the statute of a true institution in Antwerp. This Salon belongs to the prestigious group of “Leading Salons of the World”






How we work



L’Atelier Geraud is more then just a salon.
It is a space where you can relax and where they have space and time for you.
Who are you ?
What are your habits ?
What is you style ?
The yearlong knowledge of our team will make sure you will have the perfect cut each time you visit us.




Color is one of our best trump cards.
A team with experienced colour specialists, that is constantly looking for new techniques, will know exactly what your hair texture needs. Their unique way to colour your hair will protect your hair structure. They do this by using a special folding technique. Our vegetable products are ideal for the first colouring. The new way of colouring respects the hair and will give your hair a unique shine.


The ultimate luxurious hair traitments from Shu Uemura
The ultimate luxurious hair treatment from Shu Uemura-art of Hair combines the natural ingredients with pioneering science and the experience of the world’s best hairstylists to offer women everywhere the most artistic and most beautiful hair.


L’atelier Geraud is stepping as one of the first salons, in the pilot project of Green Circle Salons Benelux to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the hairdressing industry. From water and energy consumption to product packaging disposal, the salon industry faces many environmental challenges. Change starts with yourself, and so we believe that we as hairdressers play an important role in the transformation to a sustainable industry. After all, by changing the way we work in our salon, we manage to drastically reduce our carbon footprint.

Since its inception, we have been collecting our waste and recycling the vast majority of it in an optimal way. Thus, all hair waste, excess hair coloring, paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum foil (used for coloring) and also the color tubes are sorted. The waste is then collected and transformed to a new life.

The hair waste is compressed and used to purify seas and rivers (for example, during an oil spill). Aluminum, paper and plastic are also fully recycled, and the remaining hair coloring is used to produce green energy.

In addition to optimal recycling of waste, we are also committed to keeping CO2 emissions as low as possible. At the sink, we install eco-taps that reduce water consumption without sacrificing comfort. In the color room, we use disposable eco-pods, 100% biodegradable paint pots that do not need to be washed after use, which saves a lot of water.

So is the salon 100% CO2 neutral? No. After all the previous actions to reduce emissions, there remains an unavoidable residual emission that is calculated at the end of the year. To complete the circle, this is compensated by investing in sustainable projects together with Greencircle salons Benelux.

With this project we also want to demonstrate that environmental awareness can go perfectly hand in hand with luxury, comfort and pampering



Make-up by Liesbeth
Products Mac & Bobbi Brown


-20 % Cut & Blow

Not on color services

Team Geraud